By definition, a circle is a curved line with every point equal distance from the point of the center and bound together by a common interest.  The seven point program of the CIRCLE OF LOVE is bound together by the common interest – LOVE.
The small heart in the center is taken from the logo of the HEART SPEAKS TO HEART program.  By utilizing this portion of the logo and part of the HEART SPEAKS TO HEART program that is compatible with the CIRCLE OF LOVE, a smooth transition occurs.

The Cross and Crown in the center of the heart is the national symbol of the Order – the Catholic Daughters of the Americas.
The seven points selected indicated the needs of the Church and community best served by the Catholic Daughters.  The program itemizes these needs with suggestions on how Catholic Daughters can effectively serve.


5 thoughts on “Circle of Love

  1. Greetings! I have recently agreed to take the position of Education in the Circle of Love program. I was wondering if National would be having the 2021 Education contest. I would appreciate any information concerning this so I can plan ahead. Thank you for helping me with this.

  2. Hello,
    May this message find you well. I’m interested in enrolling in Catholic Daughters of America. Please forward me information regarding enrollment. Take care, stay safe and have a blessed night.

    In Christ,
    Gloria C. Dialynas

  3. Hi Gloria, That’s great! Please advise on your location so I can connect you with your local CDA Court. Thank you, Celina

  4. Yes, There will be a 2021 Education Contest. Keep an eye out for the release, as we will send one as soon as we have it hear from National Thank you.

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