2019 – 2020 Releases

Release #58 National Election Ballot

Release #57 Winners of the California State Board 2020 Charity Drawing

Release # 56 Circle of Love Contest Winners

Release #55 Winners of the Newsletter Contest

Release #54

Release 53 Resignation of District Deputy Marcie Wilson due to health problems

Release 52 Notice of Cancellation of the 2020 CDA National Convention

Release 51 Invitation to the 2020 Officers Workshops

Release 50 Invitation to the California State Dinner at the National Convention in Dallas, TX

Release 49 Notice of the Passing Away of Bart Mayol, Husband of Gloria Maria Mayol, Past State Regent

Release 48 – Scam Message Alert – IMPORTANT

Release 47 Updates on National Convention and other topics from Worthy National Regent Olga Samaniego

Release 46 Prayer Request for Past State Regent Gloria Maria Mayol’s Husband Bart Seriously Ill

Release 45A Clarification on State Membership Awards from Worthy National Regent

Release 45 Notice on St. Faustina Membership Awards from Worthy National Regent

Release 44 Notice of State Retreat Cancellation because of the Coronavirus Outbreak

Release 43 Disbandment of Court #2302

Release 42 Worthy National Regent Important Updates On Several Issues

Release 41 Coronavirus Updates from Worthy National Regent and Worthy State Regent

Release 40 Message from CDA Worthy National Regent re Coronavirus Outbreak

Release 39 CDA California State Coronavirus Directives

Release 38 District Deputy Updates for Courts #1387 & #1454

Release 37A Updated Contact Information on State Youth Chairman

Release 37 Change of State Youth Chairman

Release 36 Prayer for Sylvia Cruz-Ramos Seriously Ill In Hospital

Release 35 Collection of Arts Supplies for St. Anthony’s Retreat Center and the Teresita Youth Center

Release 34 Three Rivers Retreat Raffle Baskets

Release 33 National Call To Action – Equal Rights Amendment Vote Direction

Release 31 State Roster Changes

Release 30 Fall 2019 Golden State Tidings

Release 29 Call To The State Retreat

Release 28 Retreat Bag Donation Request

Release 27 Disbandment of Court #1771

Release 26 Charity Drawing January 2020

Release 25 Holiday Opportunity Drawing Winners

Release 24 Prayer for Doug Mone

Release 23 – Intentionally Left Blank

Release 22 – Dues Errors Notification

Release 21 – National Scholarships

Release 20 – Newsletter and Website Contests

Release 19A – Contest Forms Mailing Address

Release 18 – California Fires

Release 17 – Circle of Love Letter and Forms

Release 16 State Dues and Charities List Our Lady Queen of Palestine Addendum

Release 15 – State Court Dues and Charities List

Release 14 – National Call To Convention Hotel Phone#

Release 13 – Hurricane Emergency Fund

Release 12 – Golden State tidings summer-fall-2019

Release 11 – Intentionally Left Blank

Release 10 – Amendments to State Court and Regent’s Roster

Release 8 Prayers for Karen

Release 7a Flyer below for Marian Procession

Release 7 Marian Procession

Release 6 National Contest Winners

Release 5-Earthquake Response

Release 4-Condolences for Mary Anne Aarset

Release 3-National Education Contest Winners

Release 2 – State Chairmen Contact Information

Release 1 – State Board Contact Information



2017-2019 Releases

Release 5-2017_Emergency Fund Relief.pdf

Letter from Helene_Aug2017.pdf

Novena in Honor of the Black Madonna.pdf

Release 4 - Novena in Honor of OLOC.pdf

Release 3-National Education Contest Winners.pdf

Release 2-State Chairmen.pdf

Release 1-State Chaplain_State Officers.pdf

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