January – June 2024  Releases

Release #48 – Spring Opportunity Drawing! Proceeds will be donated to our State charity, Hermanas de la Oracion or Missionary Sisters Servants of the Word in Palmdale, California.   Download Opportunity Tickets

Release #47 – Save the Date! CA State Retreat May 24-26, 2024  Registration Information Coming Soon

Release #46 – CA CDA State Scholarship Award.  Download  Scholarship Application Form

Release #45 – Information on JCDA Sweet Retreat.  Download Registration Packet for the National JCDA Retreat.

Release #44 -Holy Cross Family Ministries Continued Support Needed  (Visit: //www.hcfm.org )
Fr. Peyton’s message:  “The Family That Prays Together Stays Together” In today’s world that holds even more meaning. I pray that all Catholic Daughters and their families take time to pray this powerful pray the Most Holy Rosary.

Release #43 – Prayers for Second Vice National Regent Connie Dronette

Release #42 – Circle of Love Entries Due February 1, 2024!

Release #41– First Call to 60th Biennial  National Convention – JOIN US!   August 14 -18, 2024   New Orleans, LA

June 2023 to December 2023 Releases

Release #40 -Golden State Tidings Newsletter December 2023  DOWNLOAD PDF 

Release #39 – Merry Christmas Blessings from the State Board

Release #38 – March for Life Information

Release #37 – JCDA Sweet Retreat   Retreat Flyer/Information 

Release #36 -National CDA Winter Quarterly in English and Spanish.   English PDF      Spanish PDF 

Release #35 -DD and Regent Book – ask your Regent for a copy

Release #34 – Participating in the Circle of Love Contests helps to show other Courts and our Parish Communities how our – Devoted Hardworking CDA Membership have been busy – “Letting their CDA  Lights Shine”    Download Applications 

Release #33– National News

Release #32SAVE THE DATE!  National JCDA Sweet Retreat, June 9-12, 2024 – Albuquerque, NM

Release #31 – Revised DD Roster- Please ask your Regent for a Copy.

Release #30 – State Tidings Fall Edition

Release #29 – Prayers for Peace in Israel

Release #28 – National Quarterly in English and Spanish and  National Fundraiser Information “Trip to The Grand Old Lady

Release #27  -Shirley Ettestad, Past National Director and Past State Regent of Minnesota has gone to her eternal reward.

Release #25 & 25 B  Due to unavoidable scheduling conflicts the CA CDA Monthly Zoom Rosary will be  prayed Thursday the Third Thursday – September 21st at 6:00 pm.    

Release #24  –State Convention Minutes and Convention Reports

Release #23a – District Deputy Training Central Coast

Release #22 –  Updated 2023 CA CDA DD/Regents Roster now available to CDA Members: Local Court Regents have received the directory, please ask your Regent to share the directory with you. 

Release #21 – Recently Disbanded Courts

Release #20 – Donations for Maui – Message from National Regent. “I’m asking all State and local courts and also individuals to please consider sending money earmarked for this terrible tragedy to the National Office (in the check memo list Maui fires). I will then send one check from all Catholic Daughters to the Bishop of the diocese of Hawaii.”

Release #19 – Updated Dues and Charity List (2024)
State Retreat Save the Date Invitation   May 24 to 26th, 2024 St. Anthony Retreat Center

Release #18 – The CA State Board is Happy to Announce the Installation of a New CA CDA Court in Pasadena CA.  Donations Requested. Installation Sept. 8 at 7:30 pm   Invitation 

Release #17 – National Regent Robe Survey  Local Courts and Territorial Courts.  Ever Court should take time to fill out this survey so that everyone’s voice will be heard.   Robe Committee Recommendations/Article     Survey 

Release #16 – Monthly Zoom Rosary – Note new time 6 PM

Release # 15 – National Regent the Chaplain’s role. Our National Chaplain Fr. Boquet . Input requested.  View Presentation 

Release #14 –   2023-2025 CA CDA District Deputy  / 2022-2024 Updated Regents combined roster is coming soon.

One thing NEW is that this is a single document of DDs and Regents. An update to the regents list will be sent out after the 2024 court elections next spring.  Any corrections or updates will be sent via flocknotes

Release #13 – National Regent News & 2 Important Resolutions     RESOLUTION: Taking Care of Each Other 
RESOLUTION: Bishop Sheen 2023  

Release #12 – REMINDER! State Boards Annual Holiday Opportunity Drawing  – Court Sales Incentive !!!
See Release #8 for more information.  Opportunity Drawing Tickets  

Release #11 – CA District Deputy and Leadership Training Information   Remaining August Trainings   & ZOOM Make-up Sessions

Release # 10 –IMPORTANT TRAININGS!  So. CA District Deputy and Leadership Training Information -Saturday, August 5 at Our Lady of Victory in Compton  (see information to RSVP).

Release #9 – CA State Monthly Holy Rosary with Father Erick Villa Thursday, July 13  at 5 PM
Meeting ID: 884 6902 9376      Passcode: CACCDA

Release #8 – State Boards Annual Holiday Opportunity Drawing      Opportunity Drawing Tickets 
With the State Retreat planned for this spring (May 24-26, 2024), the State Board is having a fundraiser to try to keep the costs down so that more members will be able to attend. Enclosed you will find tickets for the State Boards Annual Holiday Opportunity Drawing.  The three (3) prizes to be awarded are $1000, $500, and $250. Tickets are $2 each and $20 per sheet.  The State Board would greatly appreciate it if each of our Local Courts could sell at least $100.00 worth of tickets to help with this project. 

Release #7 – CDA National Newsletters   ENGLISH PDF              SPANISH PDF

Release #6Summer Golden State Tidings
Thank you Karen Jones for working so hard on this edition of our Golden State Tidings.  Please forward to all the members of your Court.

Release #5 – New State Board Official Letterhead with Officers

Release # 4 – Court Officer Request Lists

Release #3 – Link to Weekend in Visalia Celebration  – Photos by Gunnar  (Read r\Release for instructions)
It was again a great pleasure and a privilege to capture images of your meeting this weekend in Visalia.The photos can now be reviewed at

Release #2: Reminer 100th Anniversary Mass June 10th!  The last day to purchase tickets is June 6th by 12:00 p.m. June 10th Special CDA Mass in Visalia California. No tickets will be sold at the door.  No Rooms are available anymore at the Wyndham.  During the June 10th Mass CDA’s will bdessing into Mass with Bishop Brennan.  CDA Members will NOT be wearing Robes at this Mass.  Please wear your Gold or Purple CDA attire  proceor any Gold or Purple clothing you may wish.  It is June in the Central Valley so please plan accordingly for Summer Temperatures.  (See Release #139 for Invitation)

Release #1: CA State Monthly Holy Rosary with Father Erick Villa Thursday, June 8th  at 5 PM
Meeting ID: 884 6902 9376      Passcode: CACCDA

2021 to May 2023 Releases 

Release #144 – Resolution from CDA Convention Against Gun Violence

Release #143- Caution Advise re: Email Hacks

Release #142 -Passing of Past National Regents Anne Nelson      Obituary

Release #141 – A Prayer to Serve…He Pointed His Finger At Me

Release #140 – Convention Photos Information and Links
It was a great pleasure and a privilege to capture images of your convention in Pasadena.  Gunnar J Kuepper.

Release #139 – June 10th Special CDA Mass in Visalia California.  Invitation        Hotel        Applebees

Release #138 – Prayer and Rose Ceremony   Download PDF 

Release #137 – Congratulations to all of our 2023 California Education Winners

Release # 136 – CA State Court CDA Monthly Holy  Rosary with Father Erick Villa  Thursday May, 11   at 5 PM   – Zoom  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88469029376?pwd=NjdEY01uUnQ3eEpneDFlbWV0M21tUT09
Meeting ID: 884 6902 9376      Passcode: CACCDA

Release # 135 – Charity Drawing winners that took place at the 49th Biennial State Convention.  At the convention, Maria Garcia-Lopez of the Interfaith Shelter Network gave a wonderful presentation, and we were able to present a check of $10,000. to them because of your generous donations throughout the year.

Release #134 – Congratulations to our Circle of Love Winners

Release # 133  – Congratulations to our New 2023-2025 State Officers

Release #132 – Prayers for Past National Regent Joanne Tomassi,

Release #131 – Updated letters from our National Chaplain welcoming new members in English and Spanish.

Release #130:  CA State Court CDA Monthly Holy  Rosary with Father Erick Villa
Time: Thursday at 5 PM   – Zoom

Release #129 – State Officers Slate.  Please note the State Treasurer is open so if there are any potential members wanting to run for this office it can happen at the Convention.  Please submit the proper paperwork before the Convention begins.

Release #128 – I’m writing to inform you that Ivone de Silveria is no longer the National Secretary Treasurer, effective March 16, 2023.  Darlene Maritza has been appointed to fulfill the remainder of the 2022-2024 term of the National Secretary Treasurer.

Release #127 – In just a few weeks, the California State CDA Convention will be April 27 to 30th in beautiful downtown Pasadena.  Opening Mass is at St. Andrew.   Please join us there for the Opening mass.   View our National Quarterly in Spanish.

Release # 126 California Call to Action- Central Valley Flooding- PLEASE HELP!  If you have been watching the news you know that towns in the Central Valley and along the coast are being threatened. Catholic Relief has helped many families so far in need in the Central Valley.  A Call to Action is being sent out to help those in need.  If your court would like to help those in need, please send check to:                    Sheri Kanagawa, State CDA Secretary, 2331 W Andrew Lane, Hanford, California   93230.  Make sure in the memo, you write Emergency Fund for Flood victims.

Release #125Golden State Tidings Newsletter has arrived!   “Happy Easter to all our Catholic Daughters and your families,”  Worthy State Regent

Release #124 – National   Spring Quarterly Newsletter  “The National Board and National Staff Pray that you and your families, Will be filed with the peace of the Risen Christ.”

Release #123 – Prayers for Past National Regent Joanne Tomassi

Release #122 – Spring Opportunity Drawing     Drawing Form (PDF)      Interfaith Shelter Information

Release #121 – Donations to help victims of Syria and Turkey earthquakes. |Anyone who would like to assist can send monies either by check made payable to the Eparchy of Saint Maron and mail to 109 Remsen Street, Brooklyn, New York 11201, or make a donation online by going to stmaron.org/donate…

Release #120 – Youth Chairperson Address

Release #119– Reminder State Rosary  – 2nd Thursday of the month at 5:00 pm

Release #118 – Prayers for Auxiliary Bishop David O’Connell

Release #117 – Convention Delegate Forms & State Dues

Release #116 -Convention Baskets – Donations

Release #115 – Reminder! 2nd Thursday of the month and our wonderful Father Erick will be hosting our Monthly Rosary at 5:00.   Zoom invitation Information 

Release #114 –  Complete your Circle of Love forms and have them postmarked by March 1, 2023, and send them to the State Chairman.

Release #113 – Regent’s Directory  edits and reminder State Releases will be released via Flocknotes.

Release #112 – Reminder Call for State Office Nominations  (Your Application Package must be sent to the Nominating Committee Chairman and postmarked by February 1st. Mayra Porras, 551 Sawtelle Ave, San Diego, CA  92114 Mayraporras77@gmail.com)

Release #111 – Annual Charity Drawing in April . All tickets are $2.00 each or buy a full sheet for $20.00.  Opportunity Drawing Form (download and print form)   Help Support Interfaith Shelter Network

Release #110 – Newsletter & Website Contest information. Newsletters & Websites are due to State by March 1, 2023.  Website Guidelines
Newsletter Guidelines

Release #109 – Westin Hotel Registration Link and Information   Hotel Registration Online Link  You can also call the hotel at, (866)837-4181 and give them the code Catholic Daughters and you will get the 179.00 per night plus tax. Reminder, all Convention forms are found in Release #104 . The link to register online at the Westin is  https://www.marriott.com/events/start.mi?id=1673571882496&key=GRP
(If you can’t pull the link up, you will need to copy and paste the url.)

Release #108 – Instructions on how to set up Pay Pal or Venmo Accounts   See CDA National for Instructions 

Release #107 – Information for Westin Hotel Pasadena – See release #104 for other Convention forms.

Release #106 – Call for Nominations for State Officers – Your Application Package must be sent to the Nominating Committee Chairman and postmarked by February 1st. Mayra Porras, 551 Sawtelle Ave, San Diego, CA  92114 Mayraporras77@gmail.com

Release #105 – 2nd  Thursday’s at 5:00 p.m. is our monthly Rosary with Father Erick Villa -Reminder   Zoom Invitation

Release #104 – Reminder CALL TO CONVENTION -Information and Forms  Call to Convention Information   Form A (Registration and Meals)  Form B (Basket Drawings) Form C (Eucharistic Ministers) Form D (Credentials)   Hotel Information

Release # 103 – Prayers for Pope Benedict XVI (Rosary Request January 1, 2023)

Release #102 -Resolutions and Bylaw Changes for Convention   Examples

Release # 101 – New Year Reminders and Golden State Tidings Winter Edition

Release #100 -Call to Convention -The State Board is working on the State Convention to be held April 27 to April 30, 2023, at the Westin Hotel in Pasadena.  Call to Convention Information   Form A (Registration and Meals)   Form B (Basket Drawings)    Form C (Eucharistic Ministers)     Form D (Credentials)   Hotel Information

Release #99 -National Chaplain’s Message Father  Shenan J. Boquet  “Renewing One’s Love for God”    En español     English

Release #98 -Rosary Reminder with Chaplain Villa – Every 2nd THURSDAY ‘s at 5:00 pm

Release #97 Christmas  & New Year Greeting from CDA State Board

Release #96 – Opportunity Drawing Winners  Congratulations!

Release #95 Regent Roster   FINAL! Directory

Release #94 – Regent Roster   Cover Sheet     Directory

Release #93 – Rosary Reminder with Chaplain Villa    ZOOM Invitation 

Release #92 – New Bylaws Available in National Store  Cost $4.50   

Release # 91 – Worthy National Regent Updates

Release # 90 – Scholarship Contest Information  –  Applications for Scholarship Contest  – Father Bachmann Scholarship  –  Eighth Grade Scholarship to Catholic High School 

Release #89 – Circle of Love Contest Rules…New!   Circle of Love State Chairpersons     Circle of Love Contest Forms   

Release #88 – We are having our Annual Holiday Opportunity Fundraiser. All tickets are $2.00 each or buy a full sheet for $20.00.  DOWNLOAD Opportunity Drawings Sheet

Release #87 – Message from National Regent, Emily Guilherme asking for help from all Catholic Daughters, and either send a donation to the State that we can forward to National to get financial help to Florida or get together to pray as a group.   READ MESSAGE

Release #86 -CDA State Rosary…Join Us every 2nd Thursday at 5:00 p.m. This week’s rosary will be led by Father Erick.

Release #85 – It’s that time!  State Opportunity Fundraiser   Opportunity Drawing Fundraiser Form

Release #84 -Keep our CDA Sisters in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands in your prayers as they recover from the effects of Hurricane Fiona

Release #83 – Additional Northern CA Workshop in San Luis Obiso     Registration Form 

Release #82  –SAVE THE DATE! 100th  Year Celebration  2023 Biennial State Convention. Join us as we celebrate our 100th year Anniversary, which will be the Wednesday before the State Convention, held on April 27-30, 2023  SAVE DATE INVITATION

Release # 81 Worthy State Regent Mary Beasley Update

Release #80a – Corrections to Statewide Regent’s Directory Request

Release #80– Statewide Regent’s Directory  Cover Page    Directory

Release #79   Zoom Rosary 2http://catholicdaughterscalifornia.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/CDA-State-Alive-in-the-Hive-court-registation-form-North-CA10197.pdfnd Thursday With Chaplain Erick at 5 PM

Release #78  September 2022 Golden State Tidings

Release #77 A REMINDER: Encino Workshop

Release #77 Alive in the Hive Officers Workshop -Encino, CA November 5th    Flyer     Registration Form

Release #76 Thank you to CDA District Deputies who have accepted the position of mentoring the following courts in California.

Release #75  Reminders re: September 10th Officer Training in Southern California.

Release #74   National Regent Emily Guilherme Banquet Reminders

Release #73 Congratulations to State Scholarship Winners…. They will each receive $1,500.
Release #72– Last call for reservations for Emily Guilherme’s dinner …extended to August 12th.  “Stay Alive in the Hive” training info .  Courts please send in your New Officer forms that were due in May!  Thank you for your cooperation. Northern California training registration form

Release #71 –  A  friendly reminder for the invitation for a Mass and Reception for our very own EMILY GUILHERME as she begins her journey as the National Regent Catholic Daughters of the Americas. Please print, forward or mail to all of the members in your court so we can come together in Unity and celebrate on this wonderful day of Thanksgiving in September. RSVP is DUE August 1st.

Release #70SAVE THE DATES! Important Training Dates for Southern CA, Northern, CA and Fresno.
Southern CA Invitation    Southern CA Registration Form
Northern CA Invitation    Northern CA Registration Form
Fresno Invitation               Fresno Registration Form 

Release #69 – Latest Convention News from  National Regent Sherry Niles -Final Reminders
Blood Drive Information  and Puerto Rico Restaurants

Release #68- SPAM email requests!  Mary Beasley has been  getting calls asking if I am in need of gift cards for CDA.  Please note this is a SCAM, I am not in need of any gift cards. 

Release #67 –  Invitation for the Mass and Reception for our very own EMILY GUILHERME as she begins her journey as the National Catholic Daughters of the Americas Regent. Please print, forward or mail to all of the members in your court so we can come together in Unity and celebrate on this wonderful day of Thanksgiving in September    Information Sheet     Registration Form Due by August 1, 2022!   

Release #66 -. Have a wonderful time reading the Golden State Tidings. Hope to see everyone at the National Convention in Puerto Rico, National Regent Banquet and/ or Officer’s Training   Read Golden State Tidings

Release #65  – Thanks to Rocio Gonzalez, Hospitality Chairman for the 59th Biennial Convention in Puerto Rico, for providing Transportation Information to all convention attendees.   Transportation Information 

Release # 64 – Sheri Kanagawa, California State CDA Secretary Note: Correct Address

Release #63 – Passing of Regent Rayola McLaughlin.  Condolences can be sent to The Family of Rayola McLaughlin, 154 East Main Street, Port Jervis, NY 12771.     Read  Obituary 

Release #62 – Convention Tours (See Release $53) and Convention Meal Reservations    Meal Reservation Form  

Release #61 – State Opportunity Drawing Winners Announced…Congratulations!

Release #60 -Installation of your new Officers for the term 2022-2024 form is due.  New  Officers Form

Release #59 – PDFs are attached from one of our national projects, National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE).Dawn Hawkins, the CEO of NCOSE, is a vibrant young woman who is very knowledgeable about the crimes related to sexual exploitation.   Release A,    Release B &   Release C

Release #58A -Early bird pricing has ended. We know it is going to be a fantastic and meaningful time for all those who attend. Please click on link for  pricing.

Release #58 The Retreat at St. Anthony’s Retreat Center in Three Rivers is almost here. It is only ten days away and we could not be more excited. We are getting ready to release any available rooms, so are excepting last minute reservations through Sunday May 22nd. If you are interested in attending, please contact Lorine Bakowsky as soon as possible.  Room Reservation Form

Release #57 –  May 10, 2022  Urgent plea from our National Legislative Chairman Eileen Peterson to defeat S4132, the extreme abortion bill.  She asks that each of us contact our Congressional Representatives today and ask them to defeat this bill. See Release #56 for more information

Release #56 – CDA Response to Dobbs 9349-1

Release #55 -Save the Date   Mass of Thanksgiving and Banquet Dinner for Catholic Daughters of the Americas National Regent Elect, Emily Guilherme, National Regent Mass on September 9, 2022  St. Mel’s in Norco Reception – Double Tree in Ontario.   See Flyer

Release #54 – Convention News
Important information on Running for National Office from the Floor and where to find forms for the 59th Biennial Convention.  For more information and forms go to  www.catholicdaughters.org and  Click on Activities,  click on Convention 2022

Release #53Puerto Rico Convention Tours Announced! 
For reservations,  click here for booking link to tours.

Release #52 -State Opportunity Drawing.
We will be having our CHARITY DRAWING for the Interfaith Shelter Network. All tickets are $2.00 each or buy a full sheet for $20.00  See Interfaith Shelter Information. 

Release #51 – Passing of our Worthy  CDA CA Treasurer Silvia Soliz’s mother
Remember our CDA California State Treasurer, Sylvia Soliz in your prayers as she has lost her mom, Hildeliza Olague Castillo this week. More information is in the attachment.

Release #50 – New Puerto Rico Convention Hotel.
Hyatt another option for hotel rooms for our 59th Biennial National Convention in San Juan, Puerto Rico.This hotel is across the street from the Sheraton Hotel and Casino.  Hotel Registration Info and Form 

Release #49 -Help Support our JCDA Members Attend Pray & Play Event in Orlando 

Release #48 – New BUZZ Training Announced April 23 in Pomona
BUZZ  Training in Pomona Flyer   
Registration Form 

Release #47 – New Retreat Lodging Information 
More options for our members that want to stay with only 2, 3 or 4 people for each room.
Registration Form

Release #46  – Sex Trafficking
Attachment A -Dirty Dozen

Release #45 – Message from Father  Boquet, Human Life International
Attachment A – “A Job That Isn’t Your Own”
Attachment B – Update on Abortion Laws

Release #44 – State Retreat Goodie Bags Donations Requested by May 15th 

Release #43 – Funds to  continue to support Ukraine
The California State Court will be sending a monetary gift as a follow-up to the first check sent to Ukraine. If you would like to contribute, mail your check(s) by April 30th, written out to California CDA and put Ukraine in the memo. We will be sending the total funds received out in May.

Release #42 Keep Past State Regent, Rosemarie Thomson in your prayers as she  lost her sister Virginia Mary Renna

Release #41 :Retreat Attendees Important Changes to Lodging
Lodging Registration 

Release #40 – Easter & Membership Contest
With spring and Easter right around the corner, let’s continue to enjoy this renewed life that Jesus has in store for us through our faith and prayers.  We also need to renew life in our Catholic Dauhttp://catholicdaughterscalifornia.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/CDA-State-Retreat-Registration2022C_Release41.pdfghter Courts, so attached is a membership contest, which will begin April 1st to October 1, 2022. (Flyer attached)

Release #39  -Prayers for Ukraine, Buzz Training and Golden State Tiding’s  March Edition

Release #38 – Our National CDA Regent, Sherry Nilles, has sent the following information in the Release #38 and the MISSION REPORT.  Please share with your members of your court.

In California it is unlawful to hold 50/50 raffles as 75 % of the money received needs to go to charity. 

Release #36- Pilgrimage to Germany Oberammergua Passion Play in September 2022.   
36A -Informational flyer   
36 B Application 

Release #35 -Hotels In Puerto Rico- 2nd Hotel Added – Aloft 
Worthy Regent Sherry Niles Message -Hotels  for our National CDA Convention in July  2022

Release #34 -Charity Drawing Opportunities Tickets – BONUS for Courts that sell the most tickets! 
We will be having our CHARITY DRAWING for the Interfaith Shelter Network. All tickets are $2.00 each or buy a full sheet for $20.00.   Information on Interfaith Shelter Network 
DOWNLOAD Opportunities Tickets Form    

Release#34a – Charity Drawing Opportunities Tickets UPDATE

Release #33 – California State Retreat Register Today!
State Spiritual Retreat Friday to Sunday, May 27-29, 2022, Three Rivers, CA
Father Erick and the State Board have an overwhelming experience planned for you filled with Faith, Love and Discovery.
Retreat Application Form

Release #32  Membership Drive
Be the Light of Christ for Others and recruit your friends, family and neighbors to joy your CDA Court. Attached below you will find the information about the contest. The contest runs from August 2020 to June 2022.


Release #31 State Scholarship  (Note address change)

Release #31 A – State Scholarship 2022 Application

Release #30     
Just a friendly reminder to start filling out those Circle of Love forms, we want to hear all about the wonderful things each CDA Court is doing.

Release 29 A
Application Form for 2022 California CDA State Scholarship

Release 29
2022 California CDA State Scholarship Application. Deadline: April 30, 2022.

Release #28
State Retreat Information  May 27-29, 2022

Release #27 
Happy New Year! Newsletter & Website Contest information

Release #26
Christmas Wishes and December Golden Tidings

Release #25 
Circle of Love Contest Information

Release # 25 A Circle of Love Contest Forms

Release #24 –
MERRY CHRISTMAS!   God Bless You All. California State CDA Board

Release #23  
Thank you to everyone that supported us during our State Fundraiser. I am very excited to inform you of our winners for the California State Holiday Drawing. The drawing took place this past weekend during our State meeting.  See Release PDF for winner’s names.

Release # 22   
Resignations of  Family chairman, Diane Dottore.  We wish her all the best.  Laura McQuoid from Northern California has  taken on the role, Laura belongs to Court Sister Emmanuel Cardinale #2745 in Livermore.

Release_# 21_District Deputy Workshop Training via Zoom
If you were unable to attend the in-person workshops for District Deputies in September or October, we are having a Zoom Makeup Workshop on Wednesday, November 17th at 7:oo p.m. Click the link below to attend.
Topic: DD Make Up Session  Time: Nov 17, 2021 07:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Meeting ID: 892 8614 8501     Passcode: CACDADD

Release_# 20_Extra Holiday Opportunity Drawing
Your court has a chance to win 2 paid reservations to the State Spiritual Retreat this May 27, 28 & 29 of 2022, Just be the CDA court that sells the most tickets. You still have time to sell, sell & sell.  We will be having our Holiday Opportunity Fundraiser. All tickets are $2.00 each or buy a full sheet for $20.00.  See Release #18 to download Opportunity Tickets.

NCOSE (National Center of Sexual Exploitation) from our National Regent Sherry Niles Action Alert from NCOSE wear White Ribbons Against Pornography (WRAP).

Release #18 – Holiday Opportunity Fundraiser! Tickets are $2.00 each or buy a full sheet for $20.00.  1st Place- $1,000, 2nd  Place- $500, 3rd Place- $250.

Release #17 – Join us Oct. 23…Santa Sophia is inviting all California Courts to the Gold Robing Ceremony that will take place in October down in beautiful San Diego County.

Release #16 Golden State Tidings, September 2021 Edition
Release #15_DD Trainings 

Release-14_September -Winners of the 2021 California State scholarship contest.  

2019 – 2020 Releases

Release #140 Bea Abshear

Release #139 June 13 – California State Board Installation

Release #138 Passing away of Bill – Diana Gilis’ husband

Release #137 Circle of Love Contest Winners and Education Contest Winners

Release #136 Link to the Virtual State Convention

Release #135 Passing Away of Danny – Carolyn Malik’s husband

Release #134 Letter from Father Ed Lamp

Release #133 State Secretary and State Treasurer’s reports

Release #132 National Center on Sexual Exploitation (1)

Release #131 New Court Additions_ Court St. Cletus 2768 ; Court Our Lady of Grace 2769; Court Our Lady Undoer of Knots 2770

Release #130 Information on Ms. Cretty Jones. 2nd Vice National Regent, Essie Walker’s Mother

Release #129B Virtual Convention Registration Update

Release #129 Virtual Convention Registration Update

Release #128 2023 Nominating Committee – Eileen Bagwell

Release #127 2021 CA CDA Virtual State Convention Information

Release #126 SB397 – California Emergency Services Act

Release #125 2021-2023 STATE BOARD OFFICERS and the 2023 NOMINATING COMMITTEE

Release #124 Change in the Regent’s Roster

Release #123- State Nominations and Elections

Release #122- Outstanding National Dues

Release #121- Prayer Service with Deacon Ryan

Release #120- 2021 State Scholarship

Release #119-Updated_ Maureen Laubacher’s Address

Release #118-Update on 1st Vice State Regent Tess Chiampas

Release #117-Running for State Office & 2023 Nominating Committee Inbox (1)

Release #116 – Message from National Supervisor

Release #115 – 2021 State Convention – Cancelled (1)

Release #114 – Annual Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children

Release #113a – Prayer Service with Deacon Ryan

Release #112 – Prayers for Melody Ciaravino

Release #111 – Update on Tess Chiampas

Release #110 – Correction to 2020 Bylaws Book

Release #109 – End of Year message from our State Regent, Mary Bernard

Release #108 – Prayer Service with Deacon Ryan

Release #107 – News about Pauline Bootz

Release #106 – Eileen Bagwell Stepping in for Maria Santos-Silva

Release #105 – Help Deacon Ryan Help Families in Need in Bethlehem

Release #104 – CALL TO ACTION_ The School Choice Now Act

Release #103- California’s 48th Biennial State Convention






Release # 97 – CDA Natonal Circle of Love Contest (1)

Release # 96 – Sally Rytleski

Release # 95 – National Website Contest 2021 (2)

Release # 94 – National Newsletter Contest 2021


Release # 92 – National Education Contest

Release # 91 – Rosemarie Thomson’s Mother Rose Rena-Guzzetti

Release # 90 – Updated Regents Roster

Release # 89 – ZOOM info for the next CDA Prayer Service set for Nov 17

_Release # 88 – Prayers for Michael

_Release # 87 – Prayers for Laurel Ann

Release # 86 – Update on Tess Chiampas

Release # 85 – CDA California State Court Facemasks

Release # 84 – District Deputy for Court Santa Maria #1079 – Yvonne Connelly Information

Release # 83 – Orders for the CDA CA State Store

Release # 82 – 2020 National Catholic Daughters of the Americas Membership and Court Development Award (1)

_Release # 81 – Update on Tess Chiampas

_Release # 80 – Update on Tess Chiampas

Release # 79 – Guidelines for the October 2020 Financial Review

Release # 78 – Save the Date Flyer_ Holy Land Trip with Deacon Ryan 

Release # 77 – Prayer Service Invitation from Wynsdey Adams, Spiritual Enhancement State Chairman

Release # 76 – District Deputy Update Court Regina Coeli #1521

Release # 75 – Cancellation of the 2020 Holiday Opportunity Drawing

Release # 74 – Update on Tess Chiampas (1)

Release # 73 – Mary Anne Aarset (1)

Release # 72 – Back to School Prayer Service

Release # 71 – Update on Tess Chiampas

Release # 70A – CDA VIP Virtual Screening of PRAY – Screening Password

Release # 70 – CDA VIP Virtual Screening of PRAY

Release # 69 – Update on Tess Chiampas

Release # 68 – Update on Tess Chiampas

Release # 67 – Court Ramon Mestres #1505 (Lorine Bakowsky)

Release # 66 – Court Our Lady of Victory #1344 (Yvette Manard)

Release # 65 – New Editor & Website Admin (1)

Release # 64 – List for new Officers (1)

Release # 63 – Tess Chiampas

Release #60 is an important message from our National Regent Olga Samaniego. Release #61 is cancelling the Officer’s Training, so please make sure that you forward this info to your Officers. Release #62 is Save the Date for the 2021 State Convention.

Release # 59 – 2020 California State Scholarship Winners

Release #58 National Election Ballot

Release #57 Winners of the California State Board 2020 Charity Drawing

Release # 56 Circle of Love Contest Winners

Release #55 Winners of the Newsletter Contest

Release #54

Release 53 Resignation of District Deputy Marcie Wilson due to health problems

Release 52 Notice of Cancellation of the 2020 CDA National Convention

Release 51 Invitation to the 2020 Officers Workshops

Release 50 Invitation to the California State Dinner at the National Convention in Dallas, TX

Release 49 Notice of the Passing Away of Bart Mayol, Husband of Gloria Maria Mayol, Past State Regent

Release 48 – Scam Message Alert – IMPORTANT

Release 47 Updates on National Convention and other topics from Worthy National Regent Olga Samaniego

Release 46 Prayer Request for Past State Regent Gloria Maria Mayol’s Husband Bart Seriously Ill

Release 45A Clarification on State Membership Awards from Worthy National Regent

Release 45 Notice on St. Faustina Membership Awards from Worthy National Regent

Release 44 Notice of State Retreat Cancellation because of the Coronavirus Outbreak

Release 43 Disbandment of Court #2302

Release 42 Worthy National Regent Important Updates On Several Issues

Release 41 Coronavirus Updates from Worthy National Regent and Worthy State Regent

Release 40 Message from CDA Worthy National Regent re Coronavirus Outbreak

Release 39 CDA California State Coronavirus Directives

Release 38 District Deputy Updates for Courts #1387 & #1454

Release 37A Updated Contact Information on State Youth Chairman

Release 37 Change of State Youth Chairman

Release 36 Prayer for Sylvia Cruz-Ramos Seriously Ill In Hospital

Release 35 Collection of Arts Supplies for St. Anthony’s Retreat Center and the Teresita Youth Center

Release 34 Three Rivers Retreat Raffle Baskets

Release 33 National Call To Action – Equal Rights Amendment Vote Direction

Release 31 State Roster Changes

Release 30 Fall 2019 Golden State Tidings

Release 29 Call To The State Retreat

Release 28 Retreat Bag Donation Request

Release 27 Disbandment of Court #1771

Release 26 Charity Drawing January 2020

Release 25 Holiday Opportunity Drawing Winners

Release 24 Prayer for Doug Mone

Release 23 – Intentionally Left Blank

Release 22 – Dues Errors Notification

Release 21 – National Scholarships

Release 20 – Newsletter and Website Contests

Release 19A – Contest Forms Mailing Address

Release 18 – California Fires

Release 17 – Circle of Love Letter and Forms

Release 16 State Dues and Charities List Our Lady Queen of Palestine Addendum

Release 15 – State Court Dues and Charities List

Release 14 – National Call To Convention Hotel Phone#

Release 13 – Hurricane Emergency Fund

Release 12 – Golden State tidings summer-fall-2019

Release 11 – Intentionally Left Blank

Release 10 – Amendments to State Court and Regent’s Roster

Release 8 Prayers for Karen

Release 7a Flyer below for Marian Procession

Release 7 Marian Procession

Release 6 National Contest Winners

Release 5-Earthquake Response

Release 4-Condolences for Mary Anne Aarset

Release 3-National Education Contest Winners

Release 2 – State Chairmen Contact Information

Release 1 – State Board Contact Information



2017-2019 Releases

Release 5-2017_Emergency Fund Relief.pdf

Letter from Helene_Aug2017.pdf

Novena in Honor of the Black Madonna.pdf

Release 4 - Novena in Honor of OLOC.pdf

Release 3-National Education Contest Winners.pdf

Release 2-State Chairmen.pdf

Release 1-State Chaplain_State Officers.pdf

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