An Introduction

The California State Court is excited to publish two new series of articles on this website, that will enhance our Faith. 

Deacon Ryan who is the husband of Wynsdey Adams, State Chairman for Spiritual Enhancement 2019-2021, has very kindly given us permission to share two of his very educational and absorbing short article series, A Journey Through Mass and Treasures Of Our Faith.

In order to add these to the website a new Menu called Faith Enhancement has been added. This article appears when the Faith Enhancement menu is clicked.

Under the Faith Enhancement menu are two sub menus shown below,  where these article will be posted in PDF files. You will need to click the PDF files for the article to appear on your screen.

A Journey Through Mass


Treasures Of Our Faith.

Adding the new menu and sub menus, should make it easy to access these articles. 

In A Journey Through Mass, Deacon Ryan explains in clear terms why certain things are done throughout the Mass. Such as why do we go to Mass on Sundays and why do we stand at the Entrance Procession.

He does this in a way that brings fresh insights into one of the foundations of our Faith. There are 21 articles that comprise this excellent work.

On the 1st of each month, starting on the 1st of September, 2019, one new article will be added.

In the Treasures of Our Faith Series, Deacon Ryan discusses the meaning of The Immaculate Conception, Marriage, Confirmation, Role of Laity and many more. He has written 45 articles in total. 

These articles will also be added once a month, starting on the 15th of September, 2019.

The California State Court hopes you enjoy these two series. Please feel free to write your thoughts on these topics in the Comments Section available below the PDF files. 

Deacon Ryan has also offered to be a guest speaker for local Courts. If any Court wishes to take advantage of his kind offer, please contact Deacon Ryan directly by Email:




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