Three District Deputy Workshops were held in August, 2019 at the following locations, Dublin, Fresno and Whittier.

The Dublin DD Workshop held on August 17th, was given by Tess Chiampas, First State Vice Regent.

The Fresno DD Workshop held on August 31st, was given by Maria Santos-Silva, State Secretary and Karen Bootz, Immediate Past State Regent.

The Whittier DD Workshop also on August 31st, was given by Mary Bernard, State Regent, Mary Beasley, Second Vice State Regent and Jo Bryant, State Treasurer

Pictures taken at each of these Workshops are shown below.

Picture from the Dublin DD Workshop. Tess Chiampas, First Vice State Regent who gave this DD Workshop is second from the right.


Picture from the Fresno DD Workshop – Left to Right

Sheri Kanagawa, Mary Tafoya, LaVerne Gomes, Maria Santos-Silva, Andrea Ochoa, and Immediate Past State Regent Karen Bootz


Pictures from the Whittier DD Workshop.

Mary Bernard, State Regent presenting the District Deputies at Whittier with their DD Pins at the conclusion of the Workshop.



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